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Shenzhen gangyi  screen  printing   mechinery    equipment  co.,ltd  is a research and development design, production and sales in one of the silk screen and screen printing peripheral equipment manufacturers. Has many years of manufacturing experience, set all kinds of outstanding professional production and technical personnel, high-quality pre-sale and after-sales service, the company won the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, China Screen Printing and Imaging ....

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  • Do you know how the screen printing machine manufacturers adjust the size of the automatic screen printing machine

    Do you know how the screen printing ma2016-07-27

    When we use full automatic screen printing machine, we sometimes adjust the size of the automatic screen printer, because there are some plates that are not balanced or the distance between them is not right, which will affect the product and speed of production. Generally speaking, the size of the ...

  • Working principle of glass semi automatic screen printing machine and full automatic screen printing machine

    Working principle of glass semi automa2016-07-27

    Glass screen printing machine, as the name suggests, is used on glass, but it can also be printed on bottles, electrical appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, building industries and so on. So what is the working principle of glass screen printing machine?The working principle of glass screen...